5 Looks at… Iconic Atlanta Parks

  Atlanta, famed for being "The City in the Forest" has no shortage of outdoor areas to film in, and accessibility and rules for some of the area's most iconic parks change all the time. Here's a look at some of Atlanta's most popular public parks, with some information on shooting in each: CENTENNIAL OLYMPIC … Continue reading 5 Looks at… Iconic Atlanta Parks

5 Questions on… Custom Art For Shoots

Where do your props and art come from? Usually unless you have a big-budget production, most of the artwork, furniture, and props on a shoot are some version of off-the-shelf product (even if it's off the shelf of a vintage or antique store). Sometimes, however, you need a very specific item, like the paintings I … Continue reading 5 Questions on… Custom Art For Shoots

5 Questions for… Taxidermy?

This interview is pretty amazing if I do say so myself. This week I got to talk to Diana Adelberg, the woman behind Absinthe Taxidermy, one of Atlanta's most unusual prop vendors. Absinthe, as the name implies, specializes in taxidermied animals, hides, horns, and other animal oddities. With items both for sale and for rent, … Continue reading 5 Questions for… Taxidermy?

Shooting Video and Print Simultaneously

This week for our 5 questions series we talked to director/dp Orlando V Thompson, who has done a number of combination shoots, and gave us some behind-the-lens advice. What’s the biggest challenge of trying to shoot video and stills at the same time? Can one person shoot both stills AND video? I was just asked … Continue reading Shooting Video and Print Simultaneously


  This week in our "5 Questions" Series we're looking at ways to shoot a hospital or medical look without actually using a hospital, since that type of location is both cost-prohibitive and difficult to access. If we are developing a spot for a pharmaceutical product, personal care product, or biomedical device, we generally suggest … Continue reading Blog