We’ve clamped down on Irwin Quick-Grip Clamps, shown the beauty of Waterman Pens, and helped Krazy Glue get a little Krazy, as well as helped Graco baby products make Christmas amazing for some very special parents. We blended watercolor pencils for Prismacolor, and refreshed the man on the street with Mountain Dew’s Kickstart. We assisted Leslie Grant with her successful run for a spot on the Atlanta Board of Education. We’ve even made a promo for a laser-tag extravaganza.

All of these projects came to us at different points in development. For some, we simply assembled production services from scripts and setups already in place, supplied by either client or agency, and turned all the footage over to a pre-determined edit facility. For others, we developed the project from the ground up – creating scripts and storyboards to suit the client’s needs, taking production from casting and locations through shooting, and then supervising all post-production including music, graphics and animation.

Our services include:

  • Concept development and treatments
  • Sourcing Directors and DP’s
  • Budgeting and bids
  • Scripts and Storyboards
  • Casting, Location Scouting, and all pre-production needs
  • Shooting, both on location and on stage
  • Shoot post-production, including payroll and purchase orders
  • Film post-production, including music, graphics and animation, client approval and delivery, and project archiving

Contact us at to discuss the options available and begin development on your project.


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